cultural construct vs. biological reality

While writing your papers, be sure to support your argument with evidence from the class sources. While you may draw on your personal experiences for some of the questions, you must ground your analysis in anthropological perspectives.

1. What do anthropologists mean when they say that race is a cultural construct rather than a biological reality? If race is a construct and not (biologically) real, does race ?matter?? What is problematic about the biological concept of race?

2. How are racial categories played out and/or reinforced in U.S. or other societies? Illustrate this with two detailed examples, one from class sources and one from either your experience or the U.S. media.

3. How might the concepts of culture and ethnicity help us to better understand the notion of race? Attempt an analysis of ?race? in terms of these concepts.

4. What is multiculturalism? What are the potential benefits and possible drawbacks of a multicultural perspective?

Love and Honor in the Himalayas (book) by McHugh (Major source)
The Anthropological Lens (book) by Peacock
two internet media sources

Bibligraphy in AAA format

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