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We can not claim to be the best essay writing company online, but certainly, we’re among the top-rated websites that write college essays for students –when you buy essay online from us, you are assured that you are dealing with an essay company that respects professionalism, privacy, and integrity.

How Do We Hire Writers?

If an applicant wants to become a writer with our company, it is obligatory for them to pass the registration process, which includes several tests. First of all, we check the writer’s knowledge of English – each writer has to sit a 4-hour online test based on a textbook by The Oxford University Press.
Moreover, they must also pass a test on their command of standard citation styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and so forth. The last step for them is to complete a sample paper, which later on is assessed by the Writers Evaluation Department.

How is the Writer’s Sample Work Evaluated?

Assessment criteria consist of grammar, language, writing style, professionalism and readability of all writers’ work checked. It means that each writer is responsible not only for their level of English, but also for their understanding and expertise in the subjects about which they are asked to complete papers.

Do We Keep Updated with the Writers’ Achievements?

All our writers, just like any other working person, need proper systems and motivation. Because of this, we have established a flexible system of Quality Control. Twice a month each writer goes through an evaluation process. Three random pages are taken from the works they completed over the past fortnight, which are checked by a professional editor.

Where Do the Writers Come from?

Our company employs freelance writers from all over the world – the United

States of America, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Pakistan, and many other countries. All of our writers need to demonstrate a sufficient command of English and good understanding of other subjects, so all customers can be sure to obtain the writing quality that corresponds to their academic level even if their paper is completed by a non-native speaker.
If you only want a native English speaker to complete your paper, you may select such an option on the Order Form.

How is the Order Assigned to the Writer?

Once we receive an order from you, we immediately seek the most suitable writer to complete it. Our writer-selection system is constantly being improved. It depends on our knowhow and experience and relies on a complicated system of parameters of writers’ background and skills. In particular, we make sure that all writers’ current workload allows them time to concentrate fully on your assignment and to complete it according to your expectations.

Can I Be Assured of the Writer’s Writing Skills before He or She Starts to Work on My Assignment?

Yes, for an additional fee of $5 you can be provided with three samples of a writer’s previous work, which will demonstrate that the writer is as qualified and language proficient as you expect. This option is available during the order placement process. If you want to feel even more secure and select the writer yourself, you may place a free order and have a number of writers complete the first page of your paper, so that you can choose the writer who matches your own expectations best.

We Really Hope that We Help You Enhance Your Academic Expertise

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