College Homework: How Much Homework Should Students Be Given?

Is Homework Beneficial?
In today’s educational system, homework is a contentious issue.  Students, even the best of them, will generally resist doing it, parents will sometimes feel at a loss about how to help their children with it, and though most teachers still feel that it is important to assign it, many are beginning to doubt its efficacy.  Even the research about homework is equivocal: The studies which have been undertaken cannot agree about whether or not homework actually improves academic performance, both in terms of grades and in terms of other academic measures such as standardized testing.  Some school systems have so much doubt about its value that they have dispensed with it altogether.

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How to Deal with College Stress?

College life is inherently stressful. Writing essays and research papers can be frustrating. However, for most of college students, stress emanates from “the fear of the unknown”. So, how do you deal with college stress?

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers” – Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember


College stressWhy many students experience College Stress
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Improving Your Chances for College Success: Know the “Exit” to Success

College Is Not High School
College is not simply a continuation of high school.  For one, college will usually take a lot more work.  Further, much of the work is independent and self-directed.  Therefore, succeeding in college will require a different set of skills, a different work ethic, and longer work hours.  Ultimately, a ‘more of the same’ strategy (using the same work methods you used in high school) will not generally lead to a successful outcome.
Develop a Strong Work Ethic
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Top college problems and how to overcome them

No matter how prepared you are for college, you will still be anxious on your arrival on campus. College is full of energy, fun and challenges. Although college life could be stressful at times, it is a lasting memory for a lot of people (You could check with your seniors who left the college!).
College problems
There is considerably more freedom as compared to school and less monitoring from parents. In high school, students are constantly scheduled for all their activities. Whereas in college, classes are spaced out during the week leaving a lot of free time in-between. What you make out of this free time decides what you can achieve at college. In this article, let us see the kind of problems that most students face in the college and ways to overcome them. 
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Toxic Friends in College: A reality or a Fallacy?

From the onset, let’s be honest – toxic friendship is real, not a fallacy!
Many of college graduates can attest to creating lots of toxic friendships – and investing in them immensely without realizing that they were actually feeding a crocodile that would hurt their college lives!
Toxic friendship

College is a place where we learn a lot of things and meet different people. There is a lot that goes on in the life of student: essay writing, research paper writing, dissertations name it!

At this stage, people generally make a lot of friends. Either through discussion groups for doing college assignments or college friends with mutual interests.

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