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The Meaning, History and Evolution of Essay Writing

The word essay is believed to have originated from French word “essayer” which means an “attempt” or a “try”. Similar, when the word essay was coined, it meant “an attempt” or “a try”. Several definitions have since been coined in an effort to define “an essay”. There is a popular belief that Michel de Montaigne is the father of essay writing since he introduced use of personal tone in essay writing. This was in a desperate attempt to document his imaginations and thoughts into a prose which then became an essay. This happened at around 16th century, close to 5 centuries ago.

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Buying Essays cheap – When did it begin?

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The word essay had evolution over the years and now it has become an object for the people to express themselves and their emotions. From the olden days, people can see a different form of essays which is highly developed and enhanced. From its beginning, the term essay has been a source for imparting knowledge and wisdom. A lot of writers and thinkers have used the expression essay as a tool to express them, our own cheap essay writing service professionals have managed to do so as well, and also to impart their knowledge to the others by means of their essay writing. Today, a lot has happened in the realm of essay writing. We have guidelines such as APA and MLA to guide the format of an essay. Here below is an example of MLA sample paper from our cheap essay writing service on the topic “The Pursuit of Perfection

Essay Writing: “The Pursuit of Perfection”

The crusader Lyman Beecher can rightfully be regarded as a proponent of progressivism and a positivist. This is for the reason; he saw the dwindling hopes with national progress at a time that international and nationalist aspersions and sentimentalism were maimed by the very progress the nation had attained. Whereas there was progress in the nation and few individuals amassed huge wealth, there were questions if that was really necessary in the face of glaring poverty and destitution of the multitudes. Progressivism and utopia had reached their climax in a rather tilted social typology (Brick 48). Lyman as a crusader succeeded to inspire new hope and commitment in the American industry and society but failed to give leadership to the crucial reforms of the time. Lyman created a huge impetus for rationalization of the wealth of the robber barons without ideally making the nation cohesive, united and ideally progressive (At our cheap essay writing service, we ensure that you buy essay that is coherent, has logical structure, and strong introduction – check how to write good essay introduction here: College Essay Writing Tips for Best College Grades . Be careful not to buy an essay from writers who are not keen on essay structure, introduction and sequence…sorry, for interruption, the custom essay continues below)

The American story is based on a myth of the American dream. That defeated people still had the moral force and verve to transform their lives and even transform the lives of others. It is a story that always takes the bizarre form that the man in rags can amass riches beyond measure and become a source of inspiration. Lyman was a great proponent of a government that makes it possible for the nation to always produce and allow the flourishing of such men in great numbers and diversity. The industrial progress created a different system with regard to parenting and child upbringing because the women were no longer home makers but progressive workers in industry who sought personal income and independence. The traditional Judeo-Christian format of the family of a dominant male bread winner had collapsed. This is the reason Lyman was accused of Calvinism (This is the first body paragraph of the custom essay. At our cheap essay writing service, our writers have mastered the art of custom essay writing. Notice the careful transition of paragraphs. This affirms our belief that you can buy an essay online for cheap and get high level writing from a cheap essay writing service, so professional writing service should not actually make buy essay a nightmare for students on low budget. Anyway, while others, cant…we also can. Buy essays from us…essay continues)

Rhetoric of nationalism, the wave of the early feminist revolt and the social turbulence of the American society during the transition permitted a lot of flawed processes which the society may never really solve even in millenniums. The enthusiasm of national progress created the wave of abolitionism (Bowman 114). The belligerent factions fought for a leaner government and minimal government involvement in the economy. Yet still, there was no remedy for public disenfranchisement of the masses. Traditions can define patterns of life to the extent permitted by the economy and the order of political organization in society. In the event politics take a divergent outcrop from the social and the economic mainstream, the society is bound to undergo transformations. The transformations that are not guided by sound policies are bound to create strife and rebellion.

It is critical to remark that in every society, talk is cheap. The actual translation of many inspiring speeches into real social and economic reforms is the real measure of progress. In America, the era of the transition into modernism was catastrophic and witnessed many victims and casualties. While a few amassed great wealth, lots of the citizens lost jobs and were destitute. Crime took its toll on the nation and reckless of leadership created and deepened national discord (Miller 67). The broadcast media irreversibly created national cultures and nationalist rhetoric always find the fertile grounds of national cohesion and thus produce the gilded trend of few wealthy barons and many disenfranchised citizens as was the American experience.

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Custom Essay Paper: “The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction”

Efforts to improve customer satisfaction are becoming vital especially for firms in the service industry. Although much research has been conducted to establish the relationship between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, further conceptual and empirical research should be conducted to reveal how the two affect each other and establish whether their relationship is bilateral or unilateral. Previously, employee satisfaction (ES) was measured by asking customers views on the employee and how customer satisfaction (CS) was measured through a survey conducted by employees (Choi, 2012).

Existing studies have overlooked and neglected the existence of a reverse relationship where client satisfaction projects on employee satisfaction. This paper stretches existing research to reveal that clients have a major role to play in determining employee satisfaction and consequently improve employee retention. Traditionally, employee satisfaction conceptualized aspects like working environment, remuneration and relationship with bosses. In most instances, client views determine employees’ salary, performance and position (Choi, 2012). Apart from assessing whether the relationship between the two is bilateral or unilateral, this paper also examines different factors with immeasurable impact on this relationship.

Effect of ES on Custom Service (Notice the coherence – a testament that cheap essays can be of high quality)

In recent years, effects of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction continue to create interest from authors of marketing literature. They have argued that, a satisfied employee displays a different behavior from one that is not, and is focal in shaping a customer’s opinion of a business. A satisfied employee tends to be friendly, convincing, aggressive, enthusiastic and attentive especially towards customers (Nilsson, 2001). Concept of partner effects explains that, verbal and nonverbal behavior of a person is greatly affected by behaviors that a counterpart displays.

Moreover, the contagion effect states that a satisfied employee positively influences those around to feel good. For this reason, employee satisfaction is reflected in a customer’s positive perception and remarks of services offered. Satisfied employees believe in their abilities to deliver as a happy employee is apt to share their positive spirits with customers (Frey, 2013). There is therefore, a strong connection between employee job and customer satisfaction.

Effects of Customer Service on Employee Service – when youbuy an essay cheap from us, we take into account your essay needs and write custom essay following essay outline

The relationship between CS and ES is supported by only two theories; social exchange theory and psychological contract theory as compared to ES on CS which is supported by a whole lot of theories. This relationship works on the central rule of reciprocation. If a customer is satisfied and happy, they tend to be cooperative. Customers care for an employee’s well being only if, they are satisfied. When a customer likes and shows appreciation or satisfaction, employee satisfaction levels increase leading to a stronger bond between them. It is to mean that positive customer feedback raises employee morale and satisfaction. Customer contribution forms a crucial contributor in service enhancement and quality. Employees want to know what customers feel about their services and are happy when a customer is satisfied and appreciates them (Nilsson, 2001). From these concepts, this paper argues that customer satisfaction affects employee satisfaction.

Study Evidence (a cheap essay writing service that cares about validity of the research evidence)

Sample and Procedure

This was carried out in conjunction with a leading private company in Korea. The company provides educational services to customers at their homes through private tutors. Customers pay for the services received. Private educational tutoring was the best option as tutors (employees) interact with clients at personal and regular level and it is easy to observe them. The study aimed at testing the ES-CS hypothesis. Customers and employees were incorporated to bring out the dyadic aspect of the data (Choi, 2012).

From 50,000 customers countrywide, a smaller sample of 500 customers was selected randomly. Of the 500, 370 customers agreed to take part in the research and 370 questionnaires were mailed to them. After a month, 290 questionnaires were mailed back. Next, employees sampling was carried out and using feedback from customer questionnaires, employees that match customer response were picked for the purpose of testing the ES-CS link (Frey, 2013). Finally a pair of 227 samples i.e. client and corresponding employee was used for the survey. Unfilled and destroyed questionnaires were discarded.


Method-The study applied measures for major variables from previous studies and written material and slightly altered then to fit into the current survey. Answers given were assessed using a scale of 1-5 with 1 strongly disagreeing and 5 strongly agreeing.

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Employee (Tutor) Model -The study assessed five aspects of the employee model namely; job satisfaction, role uncertainty, role conflict and willingness to stay.

Customer model- this model also examined five various constructs namely; quality of interaction, quality of outcome, loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer trust. Using Brady and Cronin’s meant for educational contexts version, interaction and outcome quality were measured (Nilsson, 2001). Mano and Oliver formed the basis for assessing customer satisfaction. Ramsey and Sohi (1997) literature was used to assess customer trust. The study defined customer loyalty at the client’s willingness to engage the services of tutors from the particular educational institution in the future and willingness to use word of mouth to say it. Zeithaml’s (1996) items were slightly modified to measure customer loyalty.

Results– (even though we write essays cheap, we are careful that our cheap writing service follows the latest essay writing standards)

When analyzed, results revealed that there was a significant influence on employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction but insignificant connection but the vice versa was insignificant. The little significance implies that the relationship between employee and customer satisfaction is unilateral rather than bilateral. The connection is not mutual. These results, therefore, mean that employee satisfaction is influenced less by customer satisfaction but more by other factors. It is critical to note that the study did not take into consideration disposition variables like work climate and how they moderate the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Probably if the survey did, the relationship would be slightly significant (Nilsson, 2001).

Factors Influencing Employee satisfaction

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Dispositional Variables

Self efficacy-an individual’s personality greatly affects their attitude towards their job. One of the most important disposition variables is self efficacy. It is an individual’s believe in themselves. A person believes and is convinced that they have the ability to perform a duty efficiently and appropriately. It also narrows down to what an individual is to how well one is capable of performing a task using their skills.

Individuals with self confidence in their put more effort in various tasks, persist and overcome challenges and set higher and challenging goals as compared to their colleagues with little or no self confidence. Such portray high outcome expectations and will most likely achieve targets. They are driven by the need to show confidence to customers and will in return provide quality services (Frey, 2013). Therefore; self efficacy influences the ES-CS relationship as employees who score highly on confidence are likely to receive positive feedbacks from customers.

Social orientation- social significance revolves around five unique constructs; cooperation, equality, individualism, altruism, competition. Cooperation is the most pro-social value that leads to social traits of an individual. Employees with strong cooperative orientations are likely to be more sociable, friendly, kinder, helpful and more exhibit high customer cooperation. In return, customers are more likely to rate them best and prefer them to their uncooperative colleagues (Choi, 2012). Customer cooperation enhances customer satisfaction. For people with high cooperation skills, chances are that they will satisfy customers best and positively influence their personal satisfaction levels. (To this end, it is evident that cheap essay writing service does not substitute quality for cheap prices. You can confidently Custom essays and term papers without any anxiety)

Organizational Factors

They are more of supervisory behaviors and their effects on employees’ satisfaction and performance cannot be ignored. They are grouped into three; organizational justice, supervisory supports and person-organization relationship. Organizational justice and supervisory support are the most critical. The theory of reciprocation perceives that when employees receive fair and just treatment from their firms, they respond by offering high quality services to clients. Fairness in an organization and employee perceptions on it greatly affects their satisfaction. When employees recognize that their organization is fair when rewarding, they deliver quality services to customers and consequently impact positively on their satisfaction.

An organizational can improve employee satisfaction by supporting and creating paths for career development and assist they reach their goals. The amount of support and considerations that an employee receives from the employer influences them to align their personal goals with those of the organizational for the sake of its success. Organizations with strong supervisory support experience greater employee and customer satisfaction simultaneously.


The relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction cannot be simply be determined by the study conducted. The sample and variables examined was quite small and may not be a correct impression of the true current status (Nilsson, 2001). To achieve a more detailed and accurate data, more variables should be included in future studies. Nevertheless, the study gives a glimpse of the prevailing conditions of how ES and CS interact. While customers influence employee satisfaction, the greatest determinants of how an employee is or is not satisfied still remain factors such as; remuneration, working environment, self efficacy among others. Customers cannot bare the entire bulk of the problem. (At cheap essay writing service, we believe that writing a successful essay paper requires careful conclusion. We check every paper written by our writers carefully before delivery, to ensure that you buy custom essays of highest quality)

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