Top college problems and how to overcome them

No matter how prepared you are for college, you will still be anxious on your arrival on campus. College is full of energy, fun and challenges. Although college life could be stressful at times, it is a lasting memory for a lot of people (You could check with your seniors who left the college!).
College problems
There is considerably more freedom as compared to school and less monitoring from parents. In high school, students are constantly scheduled for all their activities. Whereas in college, classes are spaced out during the week leaving a lot of free time in-between. What you make out of this free time decides what you can achieve at college. In this article, let us see the kind of problems that most students face in the college and ways to overcome them. 

HomesicknessSweet home

Staying away from parents and home for the first time could be a daunting experience, especially for freshmen as it is their first time away from home. You may wonder how to make friends. Soon enough you will realize that there are plenty of potential friends and you will start loving your life at college. Keep in touch with family and friends back home through phone and mail while indulging in your new academic world. This will help you in creating a balance between your personal and academic life.
Money management
You might be tempted to spend money on your parties and other socializing activities. It is advisable to avoid spending or borrowing money unnecessarily. Sometimes it could be difficult or even impossible to repay debts.
List down your primary needs and spend your money on them before you use it elsewhere. Keep a track of your expenses to avoid unnecessary expenditure. It would be wise to save some money for your future needs.


Stay healthyStaying healthy – Which Exit?
Skipping meals and eating junk food to save time becomes a habit. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. But you have to realize that staying healthy is more important for all the other things to fall into place.
Increased levels of stress and challenges can lead to de motivation. In extreme cases, stress combined with home sickness could lead to depression. Students should seek professional help in this case. You can take help from counselors on campus to get better.
Relationship problems
At this age, it is common to have relationship problems. You need to solve them or it could result in loss of focus from your goals. Not just for college going students but it is important for all of us to resolve relationship conflicts to stay peaceful.
Toxic friendship
A famous author once said, “You are judged by the company you keep.” Always remember to stay with people who have goals in life and work towards them. You do not want to bag unwanted attention.
Stay with people who encourage you and be happy for your success. You should avoid company of people who drive you in the wrong direction and lean on you too much. Remember you have too much to handle for yourself and you cannot afford to be someone’s crutch at this stage of your life.
It could be very confusing to choose the major that you want to take up. It could be tempting to think about it all the time. But just thinking will not help. You need to concentrate on what you are doing than to focus on what you are going to do. There are many people who do diagonally opposite to what they study at university. So, more than the subject, it is important to gain the necessary knowledge.
To summarize, college is a wonderful place to be in. Be aware of the problems that you might face and prepare yourself for it. This way, you can achieve your goals and lead a successful life ahead.
Hope this article helped you in knowing how to solve some of the problems that you might face or are facing at college. Let us know of any problems that you are facing. Keep following our blog and we will try to give solutions to your college problems.


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