How do nurses get a seat at the policy table

Presentation is based on book The power of Ten, question #5 How do nurses get a seat at the policy table Guidelines:
• Students will form groups of 3 to 4 members on the first day of class, January 15, 2015. Students who are registered but do not show up for the first day of class will be assigned to a group by the Professor.
• Each group will then select one of the top ten issues facing the profession as addressed in your required text titled, “The Power of Ten (2011)” published by Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society.
• The assigned text provides a foundation for you to explore the challenges leaders face in attempting to answer the question posed at the beginning of each topic. For example: for the topic ‘Evidence-Based Practice’, the question asked is whether it is harmful or helpful? Read, think about and discuss the issues within your group. Consider the resources the leaders refer to in their topic dialogue. “Deep dive” into the topic and create a PowerPoint presentation that is informative, engaging, thought provoking and solution focused.
• All members of the group must participate in the creation or delivery of the presentation.
o Each group will have to submit the name and responsibility each group member was assigned (Here is a list of possible responsibilities for each group member):
1. Creating PowerPoint slides
2. Conducting research on topic
3. Writing information for PowerPoint slides
4. Presenting in Class
5. Answering questions in-class after the presentation
• Presentation must include the following slides:
• 1st slide
o Picture
o Names of Group Members
o Title
• After 1st slide introduce your assigned topic
o Use (4) PowerPoint slides to summarize the issue as presented in “The Power of Ten”
• In the next couple of PowerPoint slides:
• Present the opinions of the references you found on your topic (1) PowerPoint slide per reference
• As evidence that you have explored the literature, you must use 3 references (articles) from current nursing journals (published date for references must be between 2010 and 2015) in your PowerPoint presentation in addition to the information contained in your assigned “Power of Ten” story
• Must turn-in a copy of all the research (references) you used on your PowerPoint slides

• References
o Using 1 slide
• Cite your references in APA style format
• Each group will have 15 minutes to present followed by a 5 minute question/answer period.
• You are responsible to facilitate a discussion during this time period.
• The order of presentations will be according to your due date (see Topical Outline)
** Please include some pictures on the presentation according to the topic APA style.

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