Review the article “Physical activity and sedentary activity patterns among children and adolescents: A latent class analysis approach” for this assignment.

As individuals and families spend more time in front of televisions, playing video games, surfing the internet, etc., incidence and prevalence rates of overweight and obese people in throughout the world increase. Based on the article, describe family, community, and school level strategies you would use in planning an obesity prevention program.

Assignment Expectations

The following items in particular will be assessed:
1.Identify two specific strategies (family, community, or school level) you would use to plan an obesity prevention program. Include evidence-based information as to why you believe these strategies will be the best ones to use.
2.In your opinion, when should obesity prevention start? What should be the ideal age to start obesity prevention, knowing that lifestyle has a great impact on whether individuals will become obese?
3.Provide empirical evidence to support your position as to when obesity prevention should start. Make sure to cite your sources.


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