Nursing Research Critique

Paper details 

Article will be provided.
Begin your paper with a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the article.
Critique the general aspects of the research (ethical issues, qualifications of the researchers) and then:
Critique the Research question, (Houser p. 98-99)
Critique the Review of the Literature (Houser p. 124).
Critique the Research Design (Houser p. 147)
Based upon the critique, provide an overall evaluation of the article. What would you do differently to correct any weaknesses you found?


the Research question, (Houser p. 98-99)

the Review of the Literature (Houser p. 113).

the Research Design (Houser p. 147),

This should be written as a formal/professional paper. You may not find one component at all in your research article. Just state this, answer if it is inferred? Or what you might recommend. Your references will most likely be the research article and the Houser text. Be sure to use APA format.

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