The American Dream

What is the meaning of terms America and/or American? Use this question as the spring-board to develop a thesis: what is the subject and assertion of your project?

My Main idea of what it means to be An American is through the ideal of the American dream so I need that to be the center of my entire paper.

Oh, attached to the bottom of this document, I will be providing a rough draft of some of the ideas I have for this paper. I’d like you to use my main ideas, but to develop and explain them more while providing more content and sources to use for the paper as well.

Library Research Requirement: The essay must be comprised of at least TWO outside sources, as presented during the ENG102 Research Orientation 1. For this assignment, the internet will be our primary source of outside information; however, students are encouraged to use the library databases and other college-level sources (e.g., Academic Search Premier, Proquest, ebrary,, the New York Times Historical Database, Oxford English Dictionary, etc.). To this end, students may use the advanced search option on to locate magazine articles published on-line from magazine sources such as Harpers, The Atlantic, New York Times, The National Review, The Economist, Mother Jones¸ etc.

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