palliative care A (system) barrier to pediatric palliative care

A (system) barrier to pediatric palliative care

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Paper Guidelines

A scholarly analysis identifying a system- oriented barrier to patient care. It may be a barrier to the provision of care, the transition of care from 1 level to

another, or access to care. It could be an external or internal barrier. Includes a thorough review of the literature to determine what research has been done in this

area. Discusses this barrier and how it affects patient care. Reviews strategies to overcome these barriers utilizing Change Theory Framework. Proposes methods for

implementing these changes and evaluating outcomes. Be sure to discuss how the Clinical nurse spcilaist role can affect this barrier of care.


1. Identification of systems barrier and description of clinical relevance to the CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist), patients, and system. (20 points)

2. A comprehensive and concise analysis of Literature directly/indirectly related to this practice issue. (20 points)

3. Analysis of contributing factors. Consider utilizing other resources including practitioners in this area of practice. (15 points)

4. Application of 2 Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist Competencies.
(15 points)

5. Recommendations/ proposed solutions presented utilizing Change Theory Framework. Include method of evaluation of outcomes. (20 points)

6. Organization/Clarity/Transitions/APA Format: 6-8 pages, 12 font, 1� Borders etc. (10 points)

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