Crisis of Lethality

According to Edwin Shneidman, the founder of suicidology, Currently in the Western world, suicide is a conscious act of self-induced annihilation, best understood as a multidimensional malaise in a needful individual who defines an issue for which the suicide is perceived as the best solution” (Shneidman, 1999a, p. 155) and who falls into a category of intense and unendurable psychological pain that is caused by unfulfilled psychological needs (Shneidman, 2001, p. 203). Because of the importance of this chapter, is the dimenssion of the assignmenment. This week you need to write a paperwork of no less 850 words, (w/o citations and references) covering the following aspects of Crisis of lethality: The dynamic of suicide (including psychological theories), suicide and the moral dilema, Characterisitics of people who commit suicide, similarities between suicide and homicide, the use of triage assessment form in addressing lethality.

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