• Rosenblum, K. and Travis, Toni-Michelle. (2012). The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability, (6th Edition), McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
o Framework Essay, pp. 332-348
o Key Concepts, p. 349
o Personal Account, p. 356
o Reading 38, pp. 363-369
o Reading 39, pp. 370-376
o Personal Account, p. 377
o Reading 41, pp. 388-418
o Personal Account, p. 427

Framework essay) Should government resources allocated for education be limited to people who have already demonstrated academic ability such as with good high school grades, or high intelligence testing scores (like the SAT and ACT), or should it be based strictly on need? Should convicted felons, alcoholics, and drug addicts be automatically excluded from any government financial aid? Be sure to not just give your answer but also explain why you feel that way? (Reading 38) What can we reasonably infer about white Americans’ racial attitudes from Barack Obama’s presidential victory? (Reading 39) Is being a model minority a burden? (Personal Account p. 377) How would you feel about “positive stereotypes” being applied to a group that you were a member of? [I always think about the New York Yankees here. They are a perfect example of a positive stereotype, because they are always good and people expect them to be good, so when they hit home runs or win their division, their accomplishments are minimized by public, because they were just expected to be good anyway. People even root for them to play poorly because they are tired of seeing them in the World Series.]

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