Paper details 

The paper should be written as the main topic of Euthanasia however it needs to include a sub-topic such as laws and implications of Euthanasia ex (only for elderly, children too?) what are the laws protecting and not protecting physicians against Euthansia. Explore the relams of Euthanasia and laws and explain why or why not it should be allowed. Euthansia is an ethical issue, paper must include ethical reasoning on why it should be allowed or not allowed. ** Paper must include 4 academic sources**

“A” paper will generally:
be 4.5-5 pages long plus a bibliography in MLA or CMS format
use in-text citations or footnotes or endnotes in format chosen above
be free of information from websites [except for gov. or newsources]
have transition sentences, paragraphs, an opening and a conclusion
use at least 4 books/ articles as resources
be relatively free of grammatical and spellings errors

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