Homeless Military Veterans

Vulnerable Populations Paper
The student will choose a vulnerable population and write a 4-7-page paper using the following guidelines. The paper must be in APA format and have no less than 3 resources cited within the reference list. At least 1 reference must be a current journal article.

1. Identify the population you have chosen and discuss its vulnerability.
2. How does this population fit into the definition of vulnerability?
3. What characteristics does this population have that increase its vulnerability?
4. Susceptibility, Exposure, Resilience
a. What problems is the population susceptible to?
b. What types of exposures does the population experience and how often?
c. What prejudices exist against this population?
d. What forms of resiliency does the population demonstrate?
5. Are there community programs (public and private) that might offer assistance? If so, what are they and are they accessible to this population? What barriers exist to prevent access?

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