Andean ethnography/ Latin America culture

How do Andean rituals address alien sources of power? Compare and contrast the
various strategies described in Nash (1971), Gose (1986), Rasnake (1986) and Berman
(2010). Please use the sources/citations that I will provide to you below, I hope that you have a database were you can gain access to these articles. I think that you will understand that each article corresponds to one of the authors mentioned earlier. For example, Gose, P. 1986. “Sacrifice and the Commodity Form in the Andes”, Man 21/2: 296-310. is related to Gose arguments but I firmly believe you will easily make the connections. So, the references are
Nash, J. 1972. “The Devil in Bolivia’s Nationalized Tin Mines”. Science and Society
36/2: 221-233.

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