Transformational Leadership and Developing a Culture of Excellence

All students must meet requirement.
Define transformational leadership and its characteristics. Discuss why transformational leadership and forming the right teams are important in developing a culture that embraces continuous quality improvement and excellence. Describe how transformational leaders create a culture in which the employees at all levels thrive in a healthy work environment where the residents/patients and families come first. Transformational leaders create a vision for the future and guide our employees where they need to be to meet the demands of a changing health care landscape, thus creating exemplary experiences and a higher level of satisfaction for healthcare employees and our patients.
Minimum of 6 pages (including cover page)
Minimum of 5 current references, (1) may be your textbook
Date Due: Week 8
Post a minimum of 150 words on line describing what you learned about transformational Leadership and its interface with CQI. (This can be paraphrased from your paper).
Textbook is Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care: Principles and Methods, (ISBN 13: 978-0-7637-6449-4) by Donald E. Lighter, © 2011 Jones And Bartlett

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