Assessment to adopt e-learning

Assessment to adopt e-learning

This is the instructions, and the first part is background about the organization.

For part 1 the organization is a high school in LAUSD, with the majority students African Americans, 3 small magnet schools
in one school setting with a total of around 1100 students.  The school is not well funded, the students are bused in from
other neighborhoods that are considered low income and bad. The neighborhood where the school is, is in a nice predominately
white neighborhood where the residents don’t want the school there, so no local support. 

The technology in the school is very
old and outdated, most machines are ready to be salvaged but since no funding is coming they are stuck with it.  There is no
technical support on campus just one teacher for one period.  Most high schools in LAUSD has at least one full time PC technician
at the campus but not this school.  There will be no way to get any funding for new machines on campus and there will be no
support available.  Students probably will not have access to libraries near there homes, and neighborhoods are to bad for students to visit these  neighborhoods would be my guess.

Activity Description:
For this assignment, conduct an assessment of your organization’s readiness to adopt e-learning. Write a paper that assesses and gives evidence of each of the
following areas:

the readiness of students for e-learning within the organization
types of learning best suited for the organization’s learners
support systems needed within the organization to effectively maintain e-learning
e-learning curriculum development (in-house development or purchased modules?)
software and hardware needs to support e-learning
skills needed to deliver e-learning and skills needed to participate in the e-learning including instructor training and techniques
projected cost

Based on your assessment, make a recommendation to the management of your organization, as to whether or not e-learning should be adopted as a viable
option for your organization. Your introduction should contain a thorough description of the organization for which this assessment is conducted.
Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages.
References: Minimum of five scholarly resources

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