Supply Chain Management

.     (30 pts) Find an example of a supply chain ethics decision and discuss in detail. A detailed analysis should include a view from the perspective of the person or persons who acted unethically. What could have led them to this? How could a “good” person (like you) take a path that would lead to similar actions? What steps can be taken to avoid falling into such a trap? (2 pages

2.    (30 pts) Choose an example of a supply chain sustainability / social responsibility issue and discuss in detail. Present challenges and alternative solutions. (2 pages)

3.    (15 pts) What are different types of risk that are experienced in the supply chain? For each different type of risk, give at least two general tactics for minimizing the risk (or mitigating the effects). (One page)

4.     (10 pts) Give me typical costs per mile for water, rail, highway, and air transportation for freight in $ / ton-mile. Give specific web references that I can check for all of your numbers.  (brief)

5.    (15 points) Give two examples of supply chain measures that are used, but can lead to undesired behavior. (1 page)

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