Sources of Knowledge During the 17th and 18th Centuries

Paper Length: 12-15 pages maximum (title page, abstract page, one reference page, and 9-12 pages for text). Additional pages will not be read.

1- Three of the primary Sources of Knowledge held during the 17th and 18th centuries were Continental Rationalism, British Empiricism, and Kant’s response to the rationalism vs. empiricism debate. You are to clearly state the main conclusion (thesis) of your paper regarding which of these three positions is most useful to nursing clinical practice.

2-The paper should compare and contrast Continental Rationalism and British Empiricism by evaluating the relative merit and/or lack of merit of each to knowledge discovery.
3-The paper should then describe, explain, and comment on Kant’s synthesis of these two divergent views.
4-Be sure that the premises that you make in your discussion of these three approaches clearly support your thesis.
5-Identify and incorporate a minimum of two articles that support your thesis. At least one article must emphasize a relevant philosophical topic that pertains to your thesis. The other article should provide a clinical exemplar that illustrates your position.
6-Next, anticipate that someone will disagree with your thesis and your premises. Counter these disagreements with arguments of your own reasoning and by using examples from your professional work, clinical practice, and/or doctoral education.
7-Write using simple and straight forward sentences. State clearly what you are going to do, for example “In this paper I will argue the thesis that …” ” “I will then support this thesis through the presentation of [state premises].”
8-Break each aspect of the paper into relevant parts. Use subtitles. Make sure that every sentence is connected to the one before it and makes a connection to the one following it.
9-Think of your paper as (a) a tool that you are developing to teach a class and (b) an argument that you must defend against others who strongly disagree with you.

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