College Essay Writing Tips for Best College Grades

There is an old adage that states that “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!”

This is very true when it comes to writing college essays. While it is the dream of every student to learn how to craft good essays, most students are not committed to put efforts needed to master the ropes. Writing college essays might seem simple to some students, but to others, it is a real hustle –it remains an elusive art for most college students.

In this article, we discuss the top rated tips for writing successful college essays that “wow” college professors. Perhaps it is important first to understand why it is critical for college students to “learn how to write a college essay”. Of course, the simplest reason is that a college student must submit hundreds of college essays in their college life before they graduate from their degree programs. Since majority of students lack sufficient skills on how to write successful college essays, they opt to hire someone to write college essay and often pay hefty fees to get their custom college essays written. Some of the college essay writing services on the internet promise to deliver custom essays but may end up plagiarizing hence, put a student at risk of expulsion. Besides, since such a student may not know features of a custom essay, they are likely to be duped to submit a mediocre essay!

So, what is a custom essay?

Meyer Howard Abrams, a renowned American literary critic defined an essay as “Any short composition in prose that undertakes to discuss a matter, express a point of view, or persuade us to accept a thesis on any subject.” In the strictest support of Abrams’ definition, college essays require dedicated efforts in planning, idea gathering, and writing. To compose a good essay, a student need to possess prerequisite skills for basic writing – topic selection, facts finding, sentence structure, citation styles, and paragraph writing.

The good news is that these skills can be learned quite fast! It is therefore important that college students acquire these skills before they learn how to write college papers on their own. The first step is to choose an essay topic and take a stand from the beginning, and outline a thesis statement even before starting to write introduction of the essay.

How do I begin writing My College Essay?

It is an easily agreeable fact that writing college essays can be intimidating for most students. A common scenario is: “I always find it really difficult to begin my essay…you see, I can’t figure out how to begin an essay.” Well, if this is a problem to you too, find solace in the discovery that majority of students who seek help writing college essays from sites that write college papers, often lack this important skill –writing a strong introduction! We all appreciate the importance of opening an essay with a strong statement that engages a professor from the very beginning.

How do I write an Introduction of an essay?

Have you ever thought of why many college students find it so difficult to write the first few statements of an essay? My simple reason for their challenge is that writing a good introductory statement for an essay is something more of a skill! I remember during my college days, my English professor would underscore the importance of crafting powerful introduction. This meant more than just scribbling statement of intent and brief summary of what to write in the essay. A good introduction needs to provide an in-depth understanding of the upcoming discussion.

While students have littered the internet with request such as “who can write my essay for me” and “I need help on how to write a custom essay for me”, essay writing skills can actually be learned with much ease. Essentially, the introduction part of an essay frames the discussion that is expected to arise in the body of the essay; thus, prepares the ready by providing the context so that they engage better with the upcoming discussion. The best way to provide a good context is by citing relevant literature or discussing a problem, observation, or an experience. Once this is achieved, the writer should make it clear to the reader what is expected, rather, the plan of the essay and how it fits the context established.

In short, an introduction of an essay is more like starting a vehicle – it furthers reader’s understanding of the contextual fix of the essay and most importantly, guides the main focus of the essay. So, when you write a good introduction, you are actually preparing your professor by building a deep sense of anticipation and desire to read the rest of the essay. A weak introduction would bore your professor from the start, reducing your chances for a good grade. On a personal note, I feel that every student should learn how to write introduction of an essay even in the midst of less troubling options such as buying college essays.

When is the best time to write an Introduction?

This is certainly widely debated question. The question equally attracts divergent views. From my person experience, I firmly believe that the best time to write an introduction is after completing writing the body of the essay. Well, I do not want to stir needless controversy, but I feel that only then can you ensure that the introduction truly reflects accurately the sequence and content and so, best fulfills its purpose of preparing your professor for what is to come. Unless you are in position to articulate a very good essay plan and strictly follow it, it is all too easy to spoil your otherwise good essay as you wander away from the essay topic.

Another likely scenario is reaching the end of the essay only to realize disharmony between the beginning and the end of the essay. You should always ensure that the introduction is in agreement with the conclusion of the essay. Most college essay writing services however they try may never deliver a truly custom college essay that perfectly adheres to these guidelines. The casualty is your grade – a more reason why knowledge of custom essay writing is important!

Now that we have learned how to begin writing your essays, I will offer brief tips on how to write essay in few hours


10 tips on How to Write Essay in Few Hours

  1. Begin your essay by brainstorming

As discussed in preceding section, starting and essay is often the most challenging part for students. Do not rush to buy an essay online cheap even before attempting to come up with main essay ideas. After all, the person you bombard with a “write my paper for me cheap” request will come up with their own ideas in absence of clear writing guidelines. Even when you have no option but to buy a customs essay, it is advisable to provide main ideas and facts on which the writer will base the essay.

  1. Follow professor’s instructions

The key to success in writing college essays is following instructions given to you by your professor. Seek clarification where needed – do not make assumptions!

  1. Write Your First Draft

After successfully gathering main ideas and notes, it is recommended that you create an essay outline that will help you organize your essay. For example, an essay outline directs where to write example, a pro- and an anti-thesis. With an outline ready, you should begin writing your first draft. Do not worry about perfection, just make sure that ideas are flowing smoothly and that there is smooth transition of thoughts. You will have sufficient time to correct mistakes and improve the draft later.

  1. Write the Three Essay Parts

Ideally, an essay is made up of three main parts: Introduction, body, and the conclusion. With a rough draft – raw ideas – ready, write one good paragraph that introduces your essay. You may consider writing this editing this paragraph later after completing the essay. The body consists of several paragraphs that elaborate the main ideas and position of the essay writer. Lastly, the conclusion is often a one paragraph that ends the essay with a summary that reaffirms the position of the reader.

  1. Be as specific as possible

Avoid ambiguous statements. A grade winning essay ought to relate the essay question with the position of the writer identified in the introduction chapter. I have noted with keen interest that cheap custom essay writing services that purport to offer professional essays online actually lack the basic skills of essay writing. The end product is a mediocre college essay with no specific position. If you must hire someone to write college essay for you, vet them carefully to confirm whether they are essay professionals who can ensure that the essay supports the viewpoint mentioned at the instruction of the paper. In other words, the temptation to buy essays cheap should not make your grade suffer.

  1. Find a Creative Angle to Direct your Essay

A good college essay must have one specific angle! Do not cloud your essay with different positions, identify one angle and stick to it. Make it as interesting as possible. You do not want to bore your professor with misplaced arguments. For example, if you are told to write about college life – that will be your essay topic.

However, it is important to identify a certain stand and decide what exactly you will argue as far as college life is concerned. In your attempt to learn how to write college papers, learning how to take a creative angle in an argument is perhaps the most vital step. No college paper writing service will ever teach you this – so while you may buy an essay for cheap, you still have duty to learn these tricks!

I know this sound quite easy but, many college students never really understand this bit well. Essentially, those who attempt to write college essays often do so without taking a creative angle beforehand.

  1. Uphold Honesty – Do not exaggerate!

Some college essays may prompt you to write about your best experience that shaped how you view paternal relationship for example. While there may be attempts to exaggerate events – good or bad – you may never be sure about your professor’s perception regarding the topic.

So, do not write what you think will impress your professor, answer the essay question as honestly as possible – although a little controversies may make the essay more interesting! This may be tricky when you buy custom essay paper as you have little control over the writing process unless you use truly professional essay writers who would follow your instructions carefully.

  1. Get feedback from Friends and Family

I cannot overemphasize the importance of showing your peers, family or instructor your draft for a review. You should always ensue that you get a second opinion regarding your college essay. Take feedback positively and make changes where possible. But hey! Do not lose your voice in the essay.

One professor is famously known for his statement: “”Make sure the essay is in your own voice. If at some point you read over your essay and you hear your mother’s voice, something is wrong”

  1. Proofread and edit the essay

Even when you have the strongest argument and flow, your essay will certainly be derailed by typos and grammar mistakes. Once you receive feedback from friends, read through your essay when relaxed to carefully pinpoint grammatical errors and typos. It is recommended that you request someone else to help proofread your essay since they are likely to identify some mistakes you would otherwise not notice.

At this point, you can use professional college writing services to proofread and edit your paper. After all, you are at a better position than a student who gave up on their essay and sent a “write me a custom essay” request to college paper writers or those who buy a cheap essay online with total disregard of the essay structure, plagiarism, and validity of ideas expressed.

  1. Check your essay for plagiarism

In an effort to curb essays for sale, most universities have adopted use of plagiarism checkers to identify material that is copied from other sources. If you have written the essay from scratch, there is no need to worry over plagiarism. However, if you used a professional assignment writing services, you should request for a plagiarism report. While you can get cheap students essays from websites that write essays, not all of them that deliver customs writings – so check for plagiarism anyway!

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