Occupational Stress for Nurses that Leads to Poor Job Peformance

Based on “Vallerand and Polomano” (2003) “Writing the Proposal”. 1. the statement of the problem and significance. 2. the literature review and methods. 3. what is the problem statement and the purpose of the research. 4. what research proposal have you chosen to use and why. 5. what might be the concept of the study. 6. what are the independent and dependent variables in the study. 7.what might be the hypothesis(es) or research question(s) for this research topic. 8. does the literature search provide support for the research question(s) and purpose for this study and support your position. 9. The gap in the literature that was found which motivated you to choose this topic. 10. what is the population for this study. 11. what design would you chose for your proposal.
APA format within-text citation from scholarly references to support the research problem discussion. Title page and reference page. New Times Roman 12 font double space.

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