Women’s Health and Women’s Work & Heart Disease and Cancer

Fully developed answers of *150 words for each question* listed below. Use **ONLY course materials when answering the questions.** You must cite the source of all your ideas, not just direct quotations. When citing from one of the texts, use the author(s) name and the page number*, for example, (Bell and Doucet 102). When citing from the Manual use the unit number and page: for example, (Unit 1 26). please list question and follow with the answer.

Women’s Health and Women’s Work

1. While the work place can be a dangerous place for women in term of their health, work also can provide health benefits. What are some of the benefit that accrue to employed women?

2. “…nurses reported many additional sources of musculoskeletal strain unrelated to patient handling” (Balka, Mason and Elfring 146). What were some of the characteristics of nurses’ work that can cause musculosketal strain besides patient handling?

3. According to Valente and Bullough what is the difference between quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment?

Heart Disease and Cancer

1. Regarding women’s recovering from heart surgery, what did Murray et al. identify as the differences in the concerns of women over sixty and those under sixty?

2. According to Gould in what way does cancer treatment threaten the economic viability of women generally and low-income women specifically?

3. Ehrenreich is critical of mainstream cancer organizations that raise money for research in breast cancer. Briefly outline three of her concerns

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