Obesity and Diabetes

The purpose of this research report is to apply sound scientific reasoning to an analysis of a relevant nutrition obesity-related topic. Consider a topic that is of interest to you that is relevant to the science of obesity. As you conduct your research it will be important that you consider the sources of your information and whether or not they are reliable and credible. There is a great deal of information on obesity, some of it reliable, some of it unreliable or misleading; and while the internet is a wonderful resource for research, it contains a tremendous amount of questionable and/or unreliable information that sounds science based but is not. Thus, it is very important you examine and establish the credibility of the research you use.
Description: There are four main parts of a research report and they are the introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. You may provide an abstract although it is not required. Here is link to an example of a research report at http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/resdoc5e/res5e_ch09_s1-0009.html. It is longer that what is required for this class.
• The introduction is the first paragraph and may be the most important part of the paper as it provides the reader with the intent of the report. It should state the main point or thesis statement that will be discussed in the report.
• The body of a research report contains the bulk of information. The body may be separated into three parts, including the experimental methods, the results, and a discussion. These three sections are not recommended for this short report.
• The conclusion will briefly summarize the information presented in the body and tie this in with the thesis statement in the introduction.
• The reference page includes all of the references you used and must consist of at least three credible sources. They must be cited in APA format and each one must have been cited in text (as per APA format as author last name, publication year) where the information was used.
Your research report may be formatted as:
• Written report in APA format

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