sexual assault

Hello class, as you read the announcement for this week, this chapter’s relevance is beyond boundaries because of the increasing implication in our society and the unpleasant act that it represent. There is not cause that justify sexual or physical abuse against a woman, a child, or an elder individual. The most important to me for this week is that you understand sexual abuse and how to protect yourself and others (including friends or patients) against this act. The way I have to prove your understanding is by reading and grading a paperwork (minimum 850 words, excluding citations and references) where you should develop: 1- The definition of rape. 2- The dynamic of rape. 3- Social/ cultural factors. 4- Personal and Psychosocial factors. 5- Preventing date, acquaintance, and other forms of rape. Form your paperwork according to the APA format 6TH edition, please use the template I’ve sent to you to avoid formating mistakes.
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