must answer these essay questions thoroughly…

Essay Questions

-What factors contributed to the development of civilization from the culture of prehistoric hunting and gathering societies?
-What were the centers of early civilizations and what characteristics did they share?
-What are the chief features of a civilization in your opinion?

-Required – cover page, bibliography, footnotes body of paper.

-Sources – 3 other than your textbooks and online course material.

-Other bits – 1 inch side margins. Times New Roman in 12 point size font.

-Style – Chicago or Turabian. DO NOT use APA or MLA or anything else.


Cover Page – this is the front page of your paper, it should have your name and the title of your essay on it.

Bibliography – this is the last page of your essay it lists every source you looked at even if you did not actually use it in the paper.

Footnotes – these are the citations of your sources that appear within the paper.

DO NOT use inline citations.

Grading – You will lose 10 points for each of the following –

No cover page, no bibliography, no footnotes, use of inline citations, use of a works cited page.

Remember this is a history paper. Do not refer to yourself unless you were alive in the prehistoric period.

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