Administrative Law

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6th Edition: Daniel E. Hall, ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: BUREAUCRACY IN A DEMOCRACY (6th ed., Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2015) ISBN-13: 978-0-13-349387-0

The address questions need to be answer. Also the citations to Hall textbook are pointless if a provide relevant page number or numbers not provided. Essential you are saying to the reader support is somewhere in the book you go find it. This is unacceptable please provide a relevant page citation

1. Briefly explain the constitutional limitations on delegation of rulemaking power to private entities.

2. Discuss briefly the pros and cons of the privatization of governmental regulatory or other governmental functions, i.e., usually “public” services. For this question assume the privatization effort is structured in a manner that is constitutional.

3. a. – c. Remember you need to state your reasoning that supports your conclusion. Please address each subpart of the question in a separate paragraph or if needed paragraphs. [Critical Thinking and Applications Problems, page 141 in 6th Ed.


Congress enacts the “Interstate Shipment of Geckos Act”. In that act, the president 9or a designee) is given authority to : establish rules governing the interstate shipment of geckos; establish penalties for violations of the act and rules promulgated by the president; and appoint gecko magistrates who will hear all cases that arise under the act. The magistrates are answerable to the president and no other judicial review is available. When promulgating rules the president shall take into account the behavior and needs of geckos, all heath considerations, and the effect that geckos will have on indigenous flora and fauna. The goal of the act is to prevent the spread of disease and to protect indigenous animals and plants.

a) Is the delegation of quasi-legislative authority constitutional? Explain your answer.

b) Is the delegation of quasi-judicial authority constitutional? Explain your answer

c) Do you believe that the law of delegation keeps agencies adequately in check? Explain your answer

See sample answer below for question 3 on how it should be address.

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