Adult Learner

Unit 2 Journaling (Post to Discussion Board, 10 points)

a. In at least 3 paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this unit, infusing your own personal experience (or someone else’s that you witnessed) to illustrate your points. (This journaling exercise [along with those from Units 1 & 3-4] will provide the framework of your final project – a sizeable critical reflection of your ED 308 Adult Learning journey.) Be sure to answer these questions:
i. What did I already know about adult learning in contemporary society? The results of my teaching/learning surveys revealed…
ii. How does the information from Unit 2 relate to what I already know?
iii. What is (are) the broader implication(s) or significance of what I have learned?


Facilitating Adults

a.Patricia Cranton touts the importance of educators taking responsibility for being self-aware of their own inner workings and how personal preferences can affect their work with learners. Equally meaningful is understanding the inner workings of the learners they are working with.
b. Using your Merriam et al. text and one peer-reviewed journal article from the Wellehan Library—(please generously cite the authors’ ideas to make your points relevant and also to show evidence of having digested the readings)—examine the results you have found through participating in the two instruments above. Think about the learning theories and methods you discovered in this unit and appraise your teaching style in light of the needs and learning styles of the adult learner. What kind of strategies would you employ you to help maximize his or her learning potential? Be sure to touch upon topics from chapters 4 through 7, including:
i. Andragogy
ii. Self-Directed Learning
iii. Transformational Learning
iv. Experiential Learning

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