Case Study

In July 2008, the Indian Department of Health and the CDC were notified of a suspected cluster of deaths of person reportedly linked to a the local baseball park and the local famous restaurant “Lisa’s dogs” that served hotdogs and burgers. Available clinical and neuropathologic findings were reviewed for 17 suspected deaths referred to IDH and CDC. To investigate the deaths of these 17 persons, all of whom were reportedly linked to Lisa’s and the ballpark, health-care providers were contacted and relevant medical records obtained by IDH, other state health departments, and CDC. Concerns were raised that these death might have resulted from consumption of meat contaminated with some agent served at the ballpark restaurant during 1999—2007); Eleven of the 14 decedents were male’ median age was 69.5 years (range: 560—83 years).Six of the decedents resided in Indiana, four in Pennsylvania, and one each in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Family member reported the disease is marked by rapid mental deterioration, usually within the span of a few months. Initial signs and symptoms of their loved ones were symptoms similar to Alzheimers,personality changes,anxiety,depression,memory loss,impaired thinking,impaired muscle coordination and speech impairement, In 2001, the Indiana ballpark and Lisa’s was closed permanently. The number and ages of all persons visiting or dining at the ballpark restaurant is unknown, and records, indicate attendance however, during 1995—2000 was approximately 4.1 million.. The findings underscore the need for physicians to arrange for brain autopsies of all patients with clinically suspected or diagnosed of this particular disease with these particular symptoms.

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