The State of Agricultural Extension: An Overview and New Caveats for the Future.

1- Introduction. (150word).
2- Global Political Change and the Implications for Extension (From Production- to Market-Orientation).
a- Development of Production-Orientated Extension Systems.
b- Unsustainable Public Systems – Challenges and Pressures to Reform.
c- The Need for Greater Political Commitment and Influence.
d- Improved Monitoring and Evaluation.
e- Better Communication, Collaboration and Institutional Knowledge Sharing.
3- Global Experimentation with Extension Reform.
a- Privatisation of Extension.
b- NGOs and Extension Delivery.
c- Extension and the Co-operatives Movement.
4- Practical Implications: What are the Caveats of Turning to Alternative Systems in future?
5- Conclusion.
6- References. (15 last 2 years).

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