Mitosis chromosomes

What are chromosomes made of?
2. Research the differences that exist between mitosis and binary fission. Identify at least one difference, and explain why it is significant.
3. Cancer is a disease related to uncontrolled cell division. Investigate two known causes for these rapidly dividing cells and use this knowledge to invent a drug that would inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Post-Lab Questions
2. In what stage were most of the onion root tip cells? Based on what you know about cell division, what does this imply about the life span of a cell?

3. Were there any stages of the cell cycle you did not observe? How can you explain this using evidence

4. As a cell grows, what happens to its surface area to volume ratio? (Hint: Think of a balloon being blown up.) How does this ratio change with respect to cell division?

5. What is the function of mitosis in a cell that is about to divide?

6. What would happen if mitosis were uncontrolled?

7. How accurate were your time predictions for each stage of the cell cycle?

8. Discuss one observation that you found interesting while looking at the onion root tip cells?

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